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What does my appointment at Piercer Charlie’s Creations look like?

Getting a piercing is a whole experience. It does not just begin when you walk in the shop, or end when you leave our doors. The process of getting a piercing starts when you book your appointment with us. This can be done through our various social media profiles or through our website.

Before arriving with us for your appointment we would advise customers to eat, drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep beforehand.

When coming into the shop, one of our staff will greet you, check your appointment and aid you in the process of choosing your jewellery and piercing location(s). We specialise in Ear Styling Advice. During this time we may advise a different piercing to the one a client has initially come in for. This is for client health and benefit. Some anatomies are not able to take certain piercings but we never want to leave someone without a stunning new piece, so we will always try to find a solution or an alternative.

Once your jewellery and piercing has been chosen and confirmed, it takes us about 12-15 minutes to prepare and sterilise everything. During this time, we will ask you to take a seat and fill in one of our consent forms. Once the jewellery is done sterilising in on of our Scican Statim 2000s autoclaves, one of our experienced piercers will take you into a private piercing room. There, the piercing will be performed.

It is our job to ensure safe piercing, jewellery quality and installation, however once you leave the shop, it is the client’s responsibility to aid in the healing of the beautiful new piercing. We at Piercer Charlie’s Creations are here for you at every step of the healing process, so any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to pop back in! Read and follow all our Aftercare Instructions please, take good care of your piercing and come back for your checkups.

Age requirements are as follows:

Lobe, Upper Lobe Piercing:
Over 7 years old, with a valid passport and accompanied by a legal guardian with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID. If the last names do not match, a birth certificate is also needed.

CartilageNoseNavel Piercing:
Over 16 years old, with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID.

TongueSurfaceDermals, Genitals, Nipple Piercing:
Over 18 years old, with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID.

Please also read and familiarise yourself with our Aftercare and Jewellery Care instructions, and let us know in the studio if you have any questions.

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