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Forward Helix Piercing

The Forward Helix Piercing goes through the outer frontal helix, just above the tragus, where the helix attaches to the face. It is a small and thin placement, but at the same time it has length. This opens up the option of double, triple or even quadruple Forward Helix Piercing, albeit on rare occasions.

Our skilled piercers will advise you on how many your ear anatomy can accept. We must not forget that the placement right in front of the Rook is a spot that is generally not pierceable. That is because the Rook cartilage might obstruct the back of the labret bar.

Forward Helix Piercings are playing a supporting role on an Ear Curation, as the placement does not allow larger jewellery. However, if you are one of the lucky few that can get two, three or four at your anatomy, things are different. Three fine jewelleries together will combine into a project, and such a project can star on your Ear Curation.

If you would like to get multiple Forward Helix Piercings, the correct approach is to get them done in one sitting in order to achieve a perfect symmetry.

Healing would take on average six to twelve months, but each person heals differently.Please, carefully read and follow our Aftercare Instructions and take very good care of your piercing to avoid any complications. We are with you for the entire healing journey, with free checkups and advice along the way.

For our Piercing Fees please visit our Piercing Prices page and for a booking please follow this link.
You can browse much of our jewellery selection online by clicking here, or some of the Forward Helix Piercing Jewellery range here. Small and low profile jewellery would generally fit there, but sizing is anatomy dependent and we are here to help!

Finally you can browse Our Work page, or our Instagram Feed, for piercing placements, combinations and ideas. We have tagged the jewellery used so you can get a price guidance or to conveniently add them to your cart.

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