Where are you based?
7 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2, D02 HF60
We are located behind the Wax Museum, just south of O’Connell Bridge.
Westmoreland Street Luas stop is just behind us and Tara Street Dart station is but a 3 minute walk.
Do you accept Walk-ins?
The answer is yes, however making an appointment is recommended as it can be very busy and bookings will be taking priority.
Meantime you have time and patience, you are welcome to walk in and we will do our best to serve you as fast as possible!
Do you accept cards?
We accept cards, cash and contactless payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay etc
Do you sell vouchers?
Yes! They are available online and can be emailed to the recipient straight away.
Alternatively, you can select yourself as the recipient, print out the code and gift it.
Finally, plastic gift cards can be purchased in the shop.
How long does the piercing take to heal?
While each piercing and each person heals differently, on average it will take about 6 months for your new piercing to fully heal.
However, that does not mean 6 months of pain and troubles!
Carefully read our aftercare instructions, be patient and consistent for a couple of months, visit us for your checkup and we will take it from there
When can I change my jewellery?
We, and other reputable studios with skilled piercers, can change a jewellery front at almost any time, with the proper tools and technique causing minimal trauma.
However, hoops and especially hugging delicate ones, will need the piercing to be very well healed before fitting.
That being said, we recommend to our clients to NOT attempt to remove or swap the jewellery themselves for at least 6 months.
How do I clean my piercing?
Detailed Aftercare instructions on how to clean your piercing can be found here.
Can I make a custom jewellery order with you?
Yes, please visit our Brands page for manufacturer recommendations, contact us or visit our studio for advice.
How old do I have to be?
Lobe, Upper Lobe Piercing:
Over 6 years old, with a valid passport or birth certificate, accompanied by a legal guardian with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID.
We are offering a generous 20% discount on little kids lobe piercings, titanium jewellery and piercing aftercare in an effort to keep them away from what we believe are unsafe ‘piercing gun’ establishments.
Cartilage, Navel, Nose Piercing:
Over 16 years old, with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID.
Tongue, Surface, Dermal, Genital, Nipple Piercing:
Over 18 years old, with a valid passport, driver’s licence or government issued ID.
Can I bring my child / friend with me?
You are welcome to bring a friend or two for support with you. All we ask is your friends to be aware of the space and leave enough room for our other customer to browse the cabinets and not use more seating space than needed.
We will ask young children to remain seated rather than run around. We recommend bringing a book or a tablet/smartphone to keep them occupied.
You are welcome to come in with your baby in a pram, we love babies. However it is ideal to also bring an adult to supervise the baby, as we cannot guarantee a member of staff will be available fot that.
Is there parking nearby?
We are located in the heart of Dublin city centre, so public transport is very handy.
Right outside the shop there is a taxi rank. Please understand, we are unable to ‘keep an eye out’ for your illegally parked vehicle.
A few meters down the road there are a few Pay and Display spaces. If those are full, we recommend driving around to Fleet Street, to ParkRite. If coming from the north, you may choose to park straight away at ParkRite Irish Life, at Abbey Street.
Can I bring my own jewellery?
It is very important to use only Implant Grade Body Jewellery when performing a new piercing.
If the jewellery was purchased from us we know it is safe and can be used.
Also, if the jewellery has a certificate or is hallmarked by a world renowned brand such as BVLA, we will be able to use it, assuming the jewellery is suitable for a new piercing.
There might be a small handling, cleaning and sterilisation fee, depending on the condition of the jewellery, but it’s usually free. We recommend you to gently clean the jewellery as best as you can, according to the manufacturer specifications before bringing it in, as we might need hours to safely and properly clean jewellery with build-up.
Is my piercing infected?
Please, carefully read all our aftercare instructions and the Troubleshoot section.
For any further concerns, please reach out with a photo of your piercing, but its always best if you visit us for a checkup.
All that being said, we are Piercers, and not medical professionals. If you suspect your piercing is infected and are worried about your health, please visit your GP without delay, keeping in mind that your doctor might be unfamiliar with treating body piercings or handling body jewellery.
Is it going to be sore?
Our needle blades are ultra sharp, causing minimal trauma and therefore minimal pain. Nothing like the blunt force trauma of a dreaded, dangerous and inaccurate piercing gun!
That being said, everyone experiences pain differently.
What we always hear is that it was a lot easier than anticipated, and some of our customers claim they haven’t felt it all all!
It is only logical since the needle needs less than a second to pierce your ear!
How much does it cost?
You can find our Piercing Fees here, along with our basic jewellery prices. For our fancier options, the price will greatly depend on your choice.
Please, browse our jewellery selection online for some guide prices. We are adding to it as we can, but it is a hard process that never ends.
There will always be a much greater range in our studio as we continuously add new lines.
You are welcome to approach us with your budget and your target, and we will do our best to reach your target within budget, or make a plan, start working towards your goal and continue whenever you are ready.
Just bear in mind, some symmetrical piercings need to be done in one sitting and in general it is easier to take care of a few piercings at the same time rather than healing them all one by one in sequence.
Is it not expensive?
We believe that our prices are competitive, and even low, when you compare us with Piercing establishments of our caliber. The piercing fee includes Scican Statim 2000s jewellery and tool sterilisation, tool disposal or reprocessing via Scican Hydrim C61 Washer disinfector, Needle fee, consumables, free checkups and, where applicable, free labret bar downsizing after the initial swelling retreats.
The jewellery prices vary greatly, as we have a massive collection.
There is a big range of Implant Grade jewellery set with Swarovski Zirconia from just €20 – €35. Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain our high standards and in the same time compete with studios offering sub-par services and jewellery.
Can I use the fancy jewellery straight away?
Yes! All our Labret bars are Internally Threaded or Threadless, mirror polished and manufactured from Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F-136. The same material a surgeon would use to implant a metal plate in your body.
This ensures optimal biocompatibility, near-zero allergies and an affordable price.
Solid Gold Labret Bars are available for purchase, however we do not recommend them for new piercings.
The decorative front of the jewellery can be Solid Gold, Implant Grade Steel or Titanium. We just need to ensure it fits your anatomy, it matches aesthetically and it will not interfere with the healing process.
Can I get pierced with a hoop?
Only in the Septum / Daith, and even there a new piercing will be needing a sufficiently large diameter jewellery to allow for swelling and optimise healing.
Hoops as initial jewellery on the rest of the ear or nostril are not recommended as we find that they interfere majorly with the healing process.
Tight hoops are totally suitable and are in fact dangerous. This dainty little hugging hoop you are dreaming of needs patience.
Swapping for a hoop early will irritate and might damage your piercing.
Carefully follow our aftercare instructions, visit us for your checkups and typically after a few months of good healing you will be able to swap to your dream hoop.

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