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Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds are 100% Diamonds. The only difference is that the origin is a laboratory and not the earth. Lab Created Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds possessing the same chemical composition, hardness, brilliance and fire – just as a greenhouse-grown orchid is identical to one found in nature.

Lab Created Diamonds are less expensive if compared to mined Diamonds. Moreover, they are a responsible and environmentally friendly choice, which is another great selling point.

Larger diamonds [more than 0.70 ct (5.8mm)] are accompanied by a lab report from the International Gemological Institute.


The cut of a laboratory created Diamond is essential to its beauty. It is evaluated according to the parameters of Excellent / Very Good / Good and Fair. Our excellent-quality precision-cut Lab Created Diamonds and their beauty can easily be distinguished from that of similar items in Cubic Zirconia.


Clarity describes the purity of a Laboratory Created Diamond.


Most Diamonds used in jewellery range in color from colorless to slightly yellow


The weight or size of a Diamond is measured in carats (ct.). One carat weights 1/5 of a gram and is divided into 100 points, so a diamond weighing 1.07 ct. is referred to as “one carat and seven points.”

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