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Nostril Piercing

We can say that Nostril Piercing and Ear Piercing are in a popularity competition, and it’s a close one! Nose piercing is one of the oldest piercing placements in history, believed to originate in eastern cultures. It made its way in the west during the 70s and 80s, as a sign of rebellion, and back then it was disapproved by the more conservative members of the society.

The correct piercing spot is the one that the anatomy guides us to, and will of course differ from person to person. If you are planning to wear a hoop in it in the future, a slightly lower placement might be better for you.

When Charlie is about to perform a Nostril Piercing, he jokingly says ‘lets make you cry!’ During a nose piercing, our nervous system makes our eyes water, but that does NOT mean that it is sore! It’s just a reflex, as actually it’s one of the least painful piercings. For healing purposes, it is very important for the piercing to be done at a perfect 90 degree angle to the skin tissue as different angles can cause healing complications.

Now, we know what your question is: ‘Can I get piercer with a hoop straight away?’ Unfortunately, the answer is No. A hoop as initial nostril jewellery can cause major healing complications, especially the thin hugging ones you are probably after. It is best to get the piercing with a delicate little stud, and don’t worry, we have countless options. Once its fully healed, you can upgrade to the ring of your choice!

Healing would take on average six to twelve months, but each person heals differently.
Please, carefully read and follow our Aftercare Instructions and take very good care of your piercing to avoid any complications. We are with you for the entire healing journey, with free checkups and advice along the way.

For our Piercing Fees please visit our Piercing Prices page and for a booking please follow this link.
You can browse much of our jewellery selection online by clicking here, or some of the Nostril Piercing Jewellery range here. Small and low profile jewellery would generally fit there, but sizing is anatomy dependent and we are here to help!

Finally you can browse Our Work page, or our Instagram Feed, for piercing placements, combinations and ideas. We have tagged the jewellery used so you can get a price guidance or to conveniently add them to your cart.

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