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Ear Curation; What does it mean?

When it comes to Ear Piercing, the term ‘Ear Curation’ has only come about in the last decade or so. Thrown around liberally in the world of high fashion, Ear Curation simply means to expertly layout a set of piercings on an ear. So, why is this not something that every piercing studio is offering their clients?


To curate an ear requires expertise. It means working with the natural flow of the ear to select the proper placements. It means selecting the right precious metal tones to complement the wearer’s skin tone. It means knowing where to place stones, which stones those should be, and – crucially – where they should not be. It means knowing where to make statements and where to accent. It means knowing how to reflect the wearer’s personality in the presentation. Probably most importantly of all; it means knowing when to stop. To say; this ear is finished, and anything more would be too much. Those who curate ears, rather than just adding additional piercings, can be trusted to place your best stylistic interests over another sale.

So, we have established that Ear Curation means expertise and integrity. Could there be more? What else does it mean to curate an ear?

Ear curation means not only to have an eye for a clients individual style, and how best to reflect that in their jewellery, but also to have an intimate knowledge of Body Piercing and its best practices. The jewellery selected for a Curated Ear can not just be pierced by anybody. It takes someone with years of understanding in the art of executing body piercings to ensure the results are flawless from day one, setting the foundations for swift, comfortable healing. This means visiting a studio who is willing to work with their clientele at all times; providing the best and most up to date aftercare information, and being quickly available in the event that any problems do arise. Ear Curation requires not just expertise and integrity, but also dedication from the practitioner in honing both the practical and stylistic elements of their craft.

Finally, Ear Curation means making a statement about self. It means setting oneself apart from what others think when they hear the phrase ‘Body Piercing.’ It means boldness, and innovation. Revolutionary assertion of one’s own self via the medium of unique, often bespoke, body piercing jewellery.

Visit our dedicated Piercing Studio in Dublin for an Ear Piercing experience like you have never had before. Be spoiled for choice by our wide range of premium jewellery we offer, with choices to suit every taste, budget, and style. Our team of expert piercers will advise you on only the piercings and jewellery that is best for your own anatomy. Whether you are after simple Ear Piercings or a Curated Ear, the best choice in Dublin is, without doubt, Piercer Charlie’s Creations.


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