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Navel Piercing – Belly Piercing

The Navel Piercing is one of the oldest piercings, the history of which begins in ancient Egypt. Back in those times, only the richest people were entitled to get this piercing as display of their wealth. In more recent times, it gained extreme popularity when it was featured in an Aerosmith video in 1993, followed by Madonna displaying hers shortly after.

Popular or not, unfortunately not every navel is the same and many of them need a unique piercing approach. The vast majority can be pierced with one of three methods.
The classic method is the Curved Bar, decorated with Faceted or Cabochon Gemstones. Your anatomy must show a protruding lip on the top and also have sufficient space inside the Navel for the jewellery to fit in, when standing and when sitting.
If you do not meet the above requirements, please do not stress! There are different piercing approaches, such as the Floating Navel method which is done with a J shaped bar. A Surface Piercing can also be performed under the Navel, or on Top with stunning jewellery options.

The reason we are so particular with the anatomy is to reduce migration risk / rejection and make the healing journey as easy as possible. Navel tissue is not very vascular which means there is reduced blood flow in the area. This makes healing slower, much like ear cartilage piercings. There is also movement in the area, friction or pressure from clothing, all of which impedes on healing. Unfortunately, Navel Piercings need consistent care and do not forgive mistakes.

Healing would take on average six to twelve months, but each person heals differently.
Please, carefully read and follow our Aftercare Instructions and take very good care of your piercing to avoid any complications. We are with you for the entire healing journey, with free checkups and advice along the way.

For our Piercing Fees please visit our Piercing Prices page and for a booking please follow this link.
You can browse much of our jewellery selection online by clicking here. Generally, flat and smooth tops have less chance to get caught and better chance of healing without complications.

Finally you can browse Our Work page, or our Instagram feed, for piercing placements, combinations and ideas. We have tagged the jewellery used so you can get a price guidance or to conveniently add them to your cart.

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