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Lab Created Opals

Lab Created Opal (GIA: Polymer Impregnated synthetic opal) is impregnated in the laboratory in around a year and has similar properties as that of natural opal. The main difference with natural opal is that the naturally occurring process has been sped up in the laboratory. Our Lab Created Opal is a beautiful opal with a perfect color dynamicity – revealing the beauty of a Precious Opal.

Lab Created Opal (with resin) Natural Opal
Elements SiO2.nH2O+Resin SiO2.nH2O
Hardness 4 3-5.5
Specific Gravity 1.80-1.90 1.98-2.20
Heat Resistance 130 degree C. 100 degree C.
Here at Piercer Charlie’s Creations we are always honest and accurate when we describe our jewellery. We want our customers to understand exactly what they are buying, thus we would never refer to generic unbranded crystals as ‘’diamonds’’.

Opal material from the KYOCERA Corporation in Japan is composed of at least 80% Silica and is exhibiting beautiful and vivid opal colors.

This material should not be mistaken with Opal-like plastics sold as imitation or fake Opals. Those materials contain mostly 80% Resin and only 20% Silica. Therefore they do not qualify as “Lab Created Opal”