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Piercing Inspiration

Our Work

Whether you are looking for Body Piercings, a couple of Ear Piercings or you desire to begin your journey towards a full Curated Ear, our team of experts is here to help you achieve your goals. Check out the vast selection available, and you can rest assured you are truly getting the best fit for your anatomy, your style and of course your budget.
No more settling for whatever is available in a limited selection display!

Browse our past work, either complete or in progress, but always remember, every ear and body is different. Each piercing must be done where your anatomy allows and each jewellery must sit and blend perfectly in your ear.

You are encouraged to visit with your ideas of piercings and jewellery you would like, however, do not be disappointed if they are just not possible for you. By possible, we also mean safe!
Do not worry though, our specialists will offer advice and alternatives tailored just for you!

Our expert piercers will never perform a piercing when we have doubts it will heal properly and we will never sell you a piece that will not match and sit perfectly.

Remember, you can always check our latest work at our Social Media profiles!