Rook Piercing

The Rook Piercing would take place on the cartilage part on top of your Daith and just behind the Forward Helix. It is partly popular for the fact that it doesn’t go through the back of the ear, and some people prefer these piercings, but mostly because it looks amazing!

We would have to use a curved barbell for the piercing, for your safety, as they are the best for healing. Do not worry, we have countless gorgeous designs!

Hoops as initial jewellery on the Rook are not recommended as we find that they interfere majorly with the healing process.

Tight hoops are totally unsuitable and could be in fact dangerous. This dainty little hugging hoop you are dreaming of needs patience.

Swapping for a hoop early will irritate and might damage your piercing.

As is the case with all our piercings, we would perform a Forward Helix Piercing with sterile single-use ultra sharp, tri-beveled Needle Blades. They are the highest standard in the Body Piercing industry, as they cause minimal trauma, avoid tissue drag and allow for smooth jewellery insertion. Your new piercing deserves the best it can get, and we have all the necessary expertise, tools, jewellery and experience to ensure that.

Healing would take on average six to twelve months, but each person heals differently.
Please, carefully read and follow our Aftercare Instructions and take very good care of your piercing to avoid any complications. We are with you for the entire healing journey, with free checkups and advice along the way.

For our Piercing Fees please visit our Piercing Prices page and for a booking please follow this link.
You can browse much of our jewellery selection online by clicking here, or some of the Rook Piercing Jewellery range here. There are countless combinations we can make.

Finally you can browse Our Work page, or our Instagram Feed, for piercing placements, combinations and ideas. We have tagged the jewellery used so you can get a price guidance or to conveniently add them to your cart.

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