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Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing has a long history, being present in ancient times. The Aztec and Mayan culture included Tongue Piercings, but the decoration of it mostly emerged during the 80s, after Elayne Angel pioneered and brought popularity to this piercing.

The piercing is traditionally performed in the middle of the tongue, where the gap between the two tongue muscles is. It is not sore during the piercing procedure, but it can be painful afterwards if one doesn’t follow the piercers instructions. No need to stress though, they are easy to follow and the piercing will heal quickly due to the high blood flow of the area.

Charlie calls this a playful piercing, as you will find out playing with it can offer a kind of stress relief and joy. However, one must be mindful of their teeth and gums. And of course, no movement or play during the healing period.

Tongue Piercing can be a private piercing if one wishes, as it is easy to hide by keeping ones tongue inside the mouth.

Healing would take on average three to six weeks, but each person heals differently.
Please, carefully read and follow our Aftercare Instructions and take very good care of your piercing to avoid any complications. We are with you for the entire healing journey, with free checkups and advice along the way.

For our Piercing Fees please visit our Piercing Prices page and for a booking please follow this link.
You can browse much of our jewellery selection online by clicking here.  Though for comfort the best choices are roundy beads or flat cabochon tops.

Finally you can browse Our Work page, or our Instagram Feed, for piercing placements, combinations and ideas. We have tagged the jewellery used so you can get a price guidance or to conveniently add them to your cart.

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