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Feeling Shy About Piercing Checkups?

Don’t worry! In Piercer Charlie’s Creations we do everything in our power to ensure you have a comfortable and easy visit. A Checkup can be just as important as the piercing itself. It allows us to gauge how the customer is healing and to target any issues that might arise during the healing process. There should be no shame in them. Checkups can be booked through our website, Instagram or Facebook. Just follow this link to book an appointment and select the checkup option on the bookings. Alternatively, you can walk-in to us during the week Tuesday-Friday, before 5 o’clock.

It is natural that some customers feel shy or embarrassed if they’re having a difficult time healing their piercing, but we guarantee you it’s nothing we haven’t seen or experienced ourselves before. Sometimes, we may experience some lumps or bumps. However, it is super important that when you notice these things, you pop into us for a checkup. If your piercing is facing complications, for any reason, we encourage client questions, so that you may be able to learn. Our shared knowledge then has the same goal; providing you with a beautiful and comfortable piercing.

Well, what do we do to create a safe space during checkups?

Firstly, we believe that the client and piercer are partners in the healing journey. Our partnership begins when you make your booking, however it does not just end when you leave the cashier desk. We are dedicated to aid our customers in every step of the healing process, no matter the time frame. We are also able to discuss the nitty-gritty of the healing issues and irritations inside the room. This conversation occurs just between yourself and our experienced staff members.
We focus on the reason for the irritation, rather than just the irritation itself. This can aid in the healing process for the customer as they, themselves, can get a more clear idea of what’s going on.

Our knowledge may be specialised, but it is not something we believe should be gatekept. Meaning, we will always communicate with our customers what is going on in their healing process, and why. This, in turn, creates a comfortable and safe, Piercer – Customer Relationship.

In Piercer Charlie’s Creations we create a judgement-free space, where our customers feel that they can come to us with any question, issue or concern. Book your checkup appointment with us, we will ensure a comfortable visit and offer our expert advice to optimise your healing experience.