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I really want this piercing but everyone says I don’t have the anatomy? What are my options?

As our team at Piercer Charlie’s Creations has gotten more experienced over the years, we have turned down more and more work. Sounds strange, right? Our Dublin team of course wants you to leave absolutely glowing with your new piercing (or new jewellery in your healed piercings!). So why would we say no? Well, the answer is simply that; growing your expertise as a piercing studio means recognising the bodies limits, and working with them to create something truly breathtaking. And sometimes, the body’s limits prohibit particular piercings from being performed.

Some examples of this might be; you’d like a Daith Piercing, but there just isn’t a prominent enough ridge of cartilage on your ear to be able to wear jewellery there. It might be that your navel collapses completely when sitting, making it uncomfortable and unsafe to try and fit the large stones typically associated with navel bars. It might even be that you’d like a snug, but you’re unfortunately not one of the two people in the whole of Dublin who have a protruding enough fold of cartilage to make it work! 

It can be really disappointing to hear that the piercing you’re wanting isn’t going to be suitable for you but – and here’s the exciting bit – your body’s uniqueness is its charm! Your ear is as unique as your fingerprint and finding out exactly what’s right for you is what makes piercing fun! Being creative and working together to find what’s right for your unique beauty is our favourite part about working with our clientele. Think of it like working with an artist to create something bespoke and tailor made, rather than buying off the rack. 

Even more exciting; if your anatomy isn’t suitable for your dream piercing, we can almost always suggest an alternative! Remember that snug we spoke about earlier? Well, why don’t we do a Helix Piercing and a Conch Piercing, but place them super close together so it looks the same as a snug? This alternative is so popular, it even has its own name; the faux-snug! You’ll be able to see some examples on our Instagram. Or, that daith you weren’t suitable for? What about using a large, C-shaped piece of jewellery in a conch piercing to make it look like you’re wearing a ring in your daith instead? And that navel we couldn’t offer you has an equally popular alternative, the floating navel! Again, you can see some stunning examples of floating navels here.

So, if our team ever lets you know that your ideal piercing isn’t going to be possible, it’s because we are invested in your piercing’s long term health and beauty. We want you to have a piercing that looks flawless on day one sure, but we are completely committed to making sure it looks just as breathtaking in the years to come. And sometimes, that means tailoring our service to your own, unique beauty.