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Fitting and Size Guide

Fitting instructions can be found here.

All jewellery is priced and sold as a single piece, unless clearly stated otherwise. For a pair, please select 2 in the quantity field.

Our jewellery is measured by Thickness / Gauge, Internal Diameter and Width / Length.

When picking a jewellery front, such as a Marquise Fan, we will choose the appropriate labret bar type, thickness and disc back. We will need you to provide the length only, but feel free to add a note with any request.
In general, a healed piercing can use a 6mm long bar, while a healing or slightly irritated piercing will need a longer 8mm bar to allow for swelling.
Please contact us for any concerns over sizing, and feel free to add notes.

Where able, we will also provide jewellery front (attachment) dimensions. These will be given in mm, Depth, Width, Height, will be the maximum applicable and will be only for the decorative part.
This is to get an idea of how big or small a jewellery front is (Depth and Width) and how tall it would rise from the body (Height).
Images of the jewellery worn by actual people will also be uploaded on the website in due time.
Remember, our latest work is always available on our Instagram page!


Rings are measured by their Internal Diameter and the Wire Thickness.
In case of oval shaped rings, or septum Clickers, they are measured by the pin / bar thickness and the Internal Height.
To see what size would fit you, you can measure the distance from the piercing to the end of your ear/nose in mm, and pick that size.

If you need help, get a ruler, place it next to your piercing trying to measure the distance and send us a photo.

Straight Barbells, such as nipple bars, are measured by the wire thickness and the wearable length in mm.

Curved Barbells, such as belly bars, are measured by the wire thickness and the linear width in mm between ball to ball.


Wire thickness is indicated in g or mm (please refer to red markings)

It refers to the diameter size of the stem (thickness of the wire). We indicate this size in gauge and millimeter. For example; 14g (1.6mm)

Size (length) is indicated only in mm (please refer to green markings)

Balls or gems and all other attachments are measured by diameter and indicated only in mm (please refer to blue markings)


Thickness Conversion

Gauge (g)Thickness in mm

Inches Conversion


BVLA Push-In Labret Bar, 14k Solid Gold


Priced Singly. Click here for a Size Guide


BVLA Push-In Labret Bar, 14k Solid Gold is Threadless and are highly polished to a mirror finish.
All Threaded or Push-In Piercing Jewellery listed on our website is priced with an Implant Grade Titanium Labret Bar included. Purchase this item if you need an extra Solid Gold Bar.

All our Piercing Jewellery is priced individually. For a pair, please select two in the quantity box.

Material: 14k Solid Gold
Threading: Threadless, for 25ga Pins
Dimensions: 5.55mm, 6.35mm
Disc Back: 3.2mm, 4.0mm
Gauge (Thickness): 16g (1.2mm) with a 4mm Disc Back, 18g (1.0mm) with a 3.2mm Disc Back

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Jewellery Threading

Push-In (threadless)

Labret Bar Disc Back

3.2mm, 4.0mm

Labret Bar Gauge (Thickness)

16ga (1.2mm), 18ga (1.0mm)

Labret Bar Length (mm)

5.55mm, 6.35mm


14k Gold

Metal Colour

White Gold, Yellow Gold

Ball End

Labret Bar Only, No Ball




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