Implant Grade Titanium Straight Barbells


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Our Implant Grade Titanium Straight Barbells are Internally Threaded and highly polished to a mirror finish.
Suitable for Nipple Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Industrial Piercing etc
In general:
A healed Tongue Piercing will need a 14g 16mm long barbell, a healing one 17mm – 19mm.
Nipples will typically need a 14g 14mm to 16mm.
Industrial will need 14g 30mm to 40mm. You can measure in mm with a ruler, from the edge of one piercing to the edge of the other for the minimum size you can get.

Material: Implant Grade Titanium F-136
Threading: 0.9mm
Dimensions: From 8mm to 40mm, contact us for the extreme sizes
Ball Sizes: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm
Gauge (Thickness): 14g (1.6mm), 16g (1.2mm)

Jewellery Threading


Labret Bar Gauge (Thickness)

14g (1.6mm), 16g (1.2mm)

Barbell Length

Large, over 20mm, Small, until 19mm


Implant Grade Titanium F-136

Metal Colour

Titanium / Steel